Jan. 26th, 2010

Some of the people who'd been working in the scanning room brought Cor and I back to our room, where I was surprised to see that there were now chairs. They placed us in the chairs, and left. We were both wrung out, our vision blurry, and extremely thirsty. We sat together drinking water and talking over what had happened as we started to recover. I kept patting Cor for reassurance, though I'm not exactly sure whether his or min.

Thymelixsen cam back, and I told him what the testing was like, that it hurt, rather than being some kind of easy thing. Cor and I described the spinning in the air, and the building of constructs like home, from our thoughts. And I warned him about movement, whether head, eyes, or even tail. It had gotten dark, and Thymelixsen saw a line of blue light along the wall. He touched it and thought about it getting brighter, and it did. Luckily, my eyes were recovered enough that this was not too bright.

May came back, and said she'd found three books in Kraymerrian in the library! One was titled Beyond the Veil, another Deminc Frames and Structures and Wind Beyond the Veil, and there was an untitled journal that she'd read some of. It had been written by a Woeg traveling with his sister, two Ovahon warriors, and a Deminc focus. The first date in the journal was from Lackern 17114, and it lasted about a year, which isn't all that long ago. They started in the Jondowan kingdom (though perhaps there were previous travels written in other journals), where they killed some rainbow-infected Sunk, and caught the infection from them. They raised a great spirit of That Best Forgotten (whatever sort that might be) which offered to help them if they destroyed some mirrored crystals, which they'd already had some experience with. They did, smashing the crystals that grew out of the ground. Something that looked like their ghosts came out when they were smashed. In return, the spirit told them how to get to the tower. After they came through, two were killed by the wolves. They made it through the trap, though annoyed by bugs. In the spiral woods, one was eaten. The journaller and his sister made it through to Wanderhold. They signed on to travel for the Ults, and described two journeys they took for the Ults. One involved going to a root that was unraveling, putting in poison pods that disconnected the rainbows there from the rest of the All so the root would slow its unraveling. The other was to a root similar to home. They were sent to keep an edgewalker there from influencing a town, and they convinced one of the town elders not to listen to the edgewalker (which earned them praise from the Ults). When they returned, they had more rainbow in them than before, and the Ults recommended that they go soon to the edge, suggesting a guide who was a telepathic and telekinetic horst. They left this journal in case they didn't come back.

I was exhausted, ready for sleep. Though the space was somewhat bare, it was protected, and quiet, and sleep came easily.

When I woke up, I found that there were more gulwarn etched in me, for the work yesterday. (240 from the surveying and 30 from being around on call).

Cor and I had a quick breakfast, then went to the temple of the timekeepers, telling the others we'd be back before yellow. We took a cab, to be quicker and less out in the city, as requested by the temple of magic for the time we were being studied. On the way over we talked about possibly practicing certain things there at the temple, since they would take no time at all, it would be quiet, and I could practice my Blessings there.

When we arrived, we went in, but did not go to touch the altar as we had before. Cor stepped away, and I focused as he'd described, on where I should be to pray to the Father; all the stone in here felt cool, rather than live. The thread back to the Father is so thin here. It was hard to find my way back. I focused on his symbol, and on white and silver, and the feelings of comfor and a sense of coming home. After a while, this focus led to the feeling of a hand on my shoulder. It, too, felt cool rather than warm, though still reassuring. I went where the hand led, despite the lack of warmth. The hand led me upward. It felt like I was walking up curving stone stairs in the dark, except that I never missed my footing or was unsure at all. As I got higher, there was light coming in through the icy walls. I went into the area at the top, toward the center, which was away from the light, but still not wholly dark as below. I had the impression of a large armored figure, though there were none of the sounds one might expect from that amount of armor. The place had what felt like a slow heartbeat, a pulsing out from the conical structure at the center. I got the idea that there might be multiple entrances around the periphery, as well.

I thought about my first question, of what Blessing to learn next. I saw images in front of me, and the hand kept holding my shoulder, as I felt like I was falling into a void. A second hand rested on my other shoulder, holding me back from that void. There was a sense of a vortex, and threads tumbling out. And then there was a vision. I was in some gray dustiness, with the wind blowing strongly, causing a dust storm. I raised my large mailed hand (patently not my own-self's), pointing up, and shouting something, though I (own-self) didn't know what. Some shapes lurched ouf the the dust storm. They were semi-transparent creatures with spider-like legs and glowing spots, plus some pinpricks of rainbow light. I saw my companions bracing weapons on my left, but on my right, two companions were already pinned by one of the spider things, and one was pierced through. I did something, and crystal came up and around that spider, encasing it, holding it there, though still pinning my companions. I worked on getting my companion out, by touching the crystal to move it aside, getting him out, then healing him with a Blessing that felt quite familiar.

I came out of that vision, and felt less like falling.

My second questions was about Jom coming to the root, and whether that was against the Creators' design, if he gave up his mortality. Again, I was granted a vision. This time, I was on a rise, looking out over a landscape veiled in fog, though there were some rocky spires visible in the distance. It went off to nothing/everything, this last place before the ghostlands. I looked at my companions, and were were all kathel. They were mostly young. Lurching shriveled humanoid shapes came out of the mist, occasionally bulging somewhere on their bodies, then releasing smoke. I waited, then went quickquickquick. This was not my first time doing this, though it was the first time for some of the others. There were dozens of these entities. I'd seen them going in, and knew theyd be back. And then I was on one, splitting it apart. I breathed in the dustiness that released for a moment, then continued to others. (Some of the others seemed to be waiting for thread to be released, but of course they wouldn't be, not from ghosts). It was fun, but not as much fun as it used to be, even, perhaps, bothersome. Some would say that it was because I was getting old. I got through, satisfied by how many bodies I'd left behind.

I came out of that vision, and it felt momentarily like the kathel I had been in the vision came back to my own-self, remembered me, then departed, leaving me behind, back in my body. There were still two hands on my shoulders. But I was aware that a kathel had seen me, had looked into me. It was hard to settle into myself, after being a kathel and perfect.



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