Feb. 2nd, 2010

Cor and I were at the temple. I asked the entity holding my shoulders whether He would teach me more about the purifier's Blessing, but no. So instead I practiced Blessings I already know, including His Holiness Revealed and His Mighty Shield. When I was done, I prayed again, in thanks, and for greater connection. It was time to go back down and rejoin Cor, but the entity had left, so I had to make my own way down. I went slowly, careful about the stairs down in the dark. But strangely, it wasn't difficult. After I got back down to the ground floor, there was another hand on my shoulder, this time a thin bony hand. There was pressure, as if I should stop, but it allowed me to move sideways. It kept guiding me around the circumference of the room. But I couldn't find the entrance. I put out one hand, to trace the wall, but it burned and throbbed, and I pulled it back immediately. And then there was the corridor, then a door, and another corridor, and I was out. Cor was there; he'd just left also (though I have the idea he spent less time practicing; no time in the temple can make things confusing. Or perhaps useful, if we are to see through the trick of time?). He saw that I was still holding my hand, and tried healing it, but in the end, I had to wrap it up.

We took the cab back, arriving just as yellow started. When we got to the room, no one was there, so Cor and I went to the library. We meandered around some, seeing nothing much like books, then things that looked rather like maps, though Cor wasn't as certain of this. A liveried person came over to offer help, and I said that May had found books in Kraymerrian here, and I wondered if there were any in Elix. The librarian asked if I had an example of written Elix, so I showed this journal. The librarian scanned it, and after a bit said that there were a variety of submissions in Elix, about three dozen. I asked if it were possible to get a list, and the librarian told me that twelve were journals by classical magic users, and mostly focused on their classical magic learning. Another twelve were journals that focused more on training materials about being here, such as local geography, frame tightening, thread weaving, and similar topics. The last twelve were more general journals. I looked at the list of authors (when there was an author listed), and the names were Elix, but none I recognized. I flipped through some at random, and the language seemed different, whether older, or newer, or a variant from another thread, I'm not sure. I decided to focus on the middle twelve, favoring ones with information that I am interested in (not thread weaving or frame tightening, for instance), though I definitely want to tell Thymelixsen about the classical magic books, and the ones on frame tightening.

Since Cor's reading isn't that good yet, the librarian showed him some other way to learn new things, thinking about what he was interested in, and working with the machine there. It was interesting to see.

(I wonder if there are so many more books in Elix because it is a more used language across many threads, or because Elix, being long-lived, have more chance for being tainted by the All, so there is a greater likelihood of them coming here, even though there is the option of going into the woods and forgetting (which, ironically, was the option I forgot).)



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