Mar. 2nd, 2010

I went to be scanned again, a bit nervous after my previous experience and having heard that of the others. It seemed that they'd managed to use the supporting details of the other scannings to escalate my process, however (though I have no idea quite how, if these are based on distinct memories).

Into the scanning room again, up, and spinning, and then I was in. I could see lines of structure, and the taste of the air was like that of the temple in Elixpor, the city and temple together. It seemed to grow out of nothing, then filled in, and I realized I was leaning on a surface. I remembered standing here in the temple, near the library, which had high windows above the long roots of the library area. There was a crescent table with maps, and my hand was near a map of the Kraymerrian Empire that was and where the Tenerian kingdom is. I remembered that this was in my month of rigorous practice in the temple, once I'd decided I'd go help the humans hurt in the war. It almost felt like someone was whispering details to me as they filled in, as I thought about what I'd done then. I relaxed and let the details fill in: Elix moving about the library, particular people, including the details of their clothing, and so on. I was looking at the map, and spent much time looking at maps, studying languages, and studying human culture. There were scrolls about the recent war, news dispatches rather than considered history. And the details helped me remember, then pass through.

And then I was out, spinning above the ground, physically aching and with a sense of loss, missing the sense of home.

I went in again, and the voice said something about actualization, but I didn't catch what. Then I was fully in, and I could hear voices, and feel the touch from passing people as they greeted me. I was full of intent, excited for having chosen my path. I was falling into it, into the mind I'd had then, not now. It wasn't exact; as I read about the war, little memories of me-the-warrior flickered by, different than the bits already seen, but of a piece with them. I tried to stay in the then as much as possible as I read, though I couldn't help but wonder if the the flecks of memory were being enhanced, tying them tighter as they fluttered by, seeing into the scene, even though the then me was trying not to look at them. I tried breathing, meditating, to keep focus on what was actually there, not the other flakes, until the other dots faded back.

I came out, and actualization had been achieved. I hurt, but not so much that I couldn't go in again.

This time, Tutalintelin, a Blessed Holy Warrior of the Defender was there, silvery blue with almond-colored eyes.. He came over, tapped the book, and asked if I was enjoying his writing. I flushed, aware of his looks as well as his stature and achievements, surprised to have his talking with someone as new as I. He said he'd heard I was rushing on out of here, and it was too bad, since there was a lot more to learn. I said I wanted to go out and help, then got flustered by his presence. He said that I could learn from the book, or learn from him directly, a mutual exchange of information. I was surprised that this attractive, 30-years-Blessed veteran could be interested in me, and his attention was almost debilitating. I agreed that it was a good idea to talk, and he lead me off, still holding his book, to his room on the lower level, where there were chambers between the roots and rocks. I said that if it would be more interesting, we could speak Kraymerrian, and I managed to lose the language a bit as the touch started. It was mutual, but he was rather different than other experiences, sometimes even aggressive, which is not what Elix do, but humans do.

And then I came out again. I was asked if I could continue, and I was hurting enough that I knew I should recover before going in again, so they brought me back to the room. May had already partly recovered from her session, and was already sitting up. Cor was still napping in the blue bands that were gathering him back together. May said she'd felt the other May there as well.

Thymelixsen retured about when Cor awoke. He wanted to get out of the blue bands, but I convinced him to stay until we could get someone who knew about them to check him first. We asked 1827 to find the entity who could, and 1827 brought the specialist back.

Thymelixsen wanted to go shopping, which would require leaving the temple. He asked about the safest place to buy thread, which was at the wheel (at the bottom of the city), and the second best place was at the tower of the Ults, though there the exchanges will favor the Ults, of course.

The specialist convinced Cor that he should stay in the blue bands longer, and the rest of us discussed our plans, trying to decide when to leave the temple. Right now, the plan isn't to leave until tomorrow, and to be scanned before we go to the Ults.

In the end, Thymelixsen didn't go out, heading instead to the library to find someone to learn from.



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