Apr. 28th, 2010

While Jack and Thymelixsen argued about what we should do next, Cor and I went to the temple. I spent time praying, working on my Blessings, and praying some more. When we came back, May had gone to be scanned, and Jack said he was going to his temple, and mentioned that the ones who came said that they'd like someone else to be scanned (which means me, I suppose, since Jack and thymelixsen will be gone, and Cor shouldn't deal with those stressors again given how he still needs time in the blue bands). Thymelixsen went off to do more scanning work.

Which left Cor and me alone in the room. We had sex, then I wrote for a while; it's been a stressful night, living through Orashura's death again. I was surprised no one came to get me for the scanner. So I went to the library to see if any of the book I could read had information on stabilization, copying out as much as I could find for later, once we've gone.

I was notified when May returned, so went back to the room. She was particularly weakened because she'd gone to talk to Gaukelarems, and found out more about the temple of the Mother under the Featureless Plains, rather than staying in memories only.



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