May. 25th, 2010

We discussed whether we should send a message to the Pushancove Collective, so if they didn't need us yet, we could learn thread fortification and preservation here with the Edge Hammers, but in the end, we decided we should just go. I asked Gallax to show us where the Collective was relative to the Edge Hammers, and also the Forge and the Wheel. Of course, it was all over the city. The new plan: we'd go to the Forge to get the fetishes Thymelixsen had commissioned, then to the Wheel to get some kind of translators, and thence on to the Collective. Gallax offered us a ride, and warned us not to do any kind of thread work around the Ults; they don't do fortification or any of the other kinds of thread work, so we'd have to learn about it here with the Edge Hammers.

Gallax discussed edgewalkers as we traveled, reminding us that even if they are friendly, they can do lots of auxiliary damage, since they're not always able to have the fine tuning to do something that doesn't ripple further. May asked if Gallax knew Zom, and Gallax said that he was fairly trustworthy, and he'd seen him help others to the edge, but Edge Hammers don't work with edgewalkers. Gallax also warned that information travels among edgewalkers, so if one knows something, the rest will likely learn it soon enough, which is reason enough to keep ourselves to ourselves as much as possible.

Thymelixsen picked up his fetishes at the Forge.

May experimented giving Jack a gulwarn, and somehow that didn't go properly. Jack ended up sealing off some of them. Gallax said that some people did that on purpose, to save them. To undo it, he told Jack to think about joining and opening, but not fusing, which is like letting a bank use it, in order to earn interest later. When gulwarn are fused, it lets the consciousness of the city use the gulwarn. Which means that the cities are somehow alive, and talk to one another, as it turns out. Gulwarn are part of the city's consciousness.

We got to the Wheel, which was in the upper part of the city, with docks for aircraft. Gallax told us where to go to the middle, to the main trading floor, for translators. Thread trading happens on the tenth floor, and the day's rates for thread will be available there (which could be 400 to 600 gulwarn for 98% thread, and higher for 99% and better). Gallax warned us about trying to knit ourselves up. He said that there was the individual who came, who generated some thread. Some people think that one can rebuild oneself, but it will end up being a bit something else. We're never going to fill the hole of lost thread, but build another part of self. Random thread is usually about 50% able to be integrated (50% pure), except for edgewalker thread, which can try to take over.

We talked about translators, and how we wouldn't need one in the city since we already have 1827, and not in the roots, because that's part of tuning, which the Pushancove Collective is good at. Still, Jack really wanted a cavenant, and there will be times that either the group splits up, or we're aboard a ship without as many translators as the Ults have, etc. Gallax said that more mechanical translators work only for a certain amount of time, while others run off the person, which lasts longer, but is a drain. Usually, translators that vocalize in one's head are more sophisticated, and more likely to run off the person.

Cavenant care includes feeding it a pellet per day, and a few drops of liquid per day as well.

Since it was going to take a while, and we could catch a public track from here, Gallax left.

Cor wanted to get to the nexus, the place of most balance in the city, which was in some part of the Wheel. We headed in, seeing transport alcoves, trading areas, and what seemed to be food vendors. There didn't seem to be many people going toward the nexus. The way was in greens and yellows with floral designs, feeling a bit like a forest. We asked 1827 about where people come out of the nexus, and he said it was here, though we'd seen a number of people vanish inward, and none return. We talked about waiting for Cor, but in the end, decided it made more sense for the rest of us to go to the main trading floor to get a cavenant, meeting Cor here at the entrance in about an hour.

So the rest of us went to the main trading floor. Except that it took Jack and me a little while to get the transporters to work, long enough that some guard-like entity came over, asked me to leave, and confirmed I knew where I was going. But eventually we made it down.

It was a huge space, with big footed arches. There lights and many many entities. We talked, and May planned to use a Blessing of the Mother to find a good, healthy cavenant. First, we went to a nearby post that had information, to find where there were cavenant dealers. The first one we stopped at told us about cavenant care, warning us not to touch the belly or the tail, since then they'll bit. And as they get older, they have greater accuracy. They live a long time, but it wears them out to be brought in and out of the roots. It seemed like a five year old cavenant would likely have reasonably accurate translation. May spoke to the cavenant in Ovahon, and had it talk to Jack in Kraymerrian. Unfortunately, Jack couldn't bargain the vendor down to a price he wanted, so we moved on. Thymelixsen brought us to another dealer, on the edge of the floor, where less-established traders were. May used her Blessing to narrow down the choices, and it seemed that there was one in particular that would be suitable, a silvery one. Again, there was testing of translation, both with that one and a much older one, who was much more accurate, but also less fun, which was something Jack wanted. In the end, Jack got the silvery one, with a supply of food and liquid. I suggested that May ask it its name, and it's Viveran.



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