Jul. 27th, 2010

Thymelixsen said Jack might need help, based on sensing Jack resisting magic via Thymelixsen's fetish. And he was too far away for any of us to get there quickly, more than a day's walk. The fastest plan would be for May to cast her blessing on us to become birds, then we'd all go find Jack. First, though I healed Thymelixsen of the wounds the thorns had made.

May cast her blessing on us, and it was my first time as a bird. It's odd to fly! Interesting, and much quicker than walking, definitely. Hawks can usually fly 30 miles/hour, but I went about half that, still figuring out how this shape works. And there were breaks for May to recast her blessing on us as well. After the third one, Thymelixsen said that Jack was flying back towards us. He also pointed out that there was a pattern of greater growth in patches as we headed northwest towards Jack.

When we got to where Thyemlixsen sensed Jack, he wasn't there, and then he dropped out of shadow, and signaled that he was hurt. The rest of us went to the ground to transform, while Jack stayed in a tree and wouldn't come down. I whispered to him to come down to be healed, but he squawked and flew away. I followed. Cor checked around, then he and May and Thymelixsen also followed. Jack became himself and I tried whispering again to get him to come down. Meanwhile, Thymelixsen told me to move out of the area of vibrant growth I'd inadvertently walked into. I tried to do that, but failed as it coiled up and held me, so I fell on my face. It pushed be back up to the tree, and it seemed like vines were coming out of the tree as well, going out to a 15 yard radius, though there was a blank spot on the tree where the vines were holding me. Thymelixsen sent stars out to cut the vines below my feet. I could feel the vines being cut, and the wood splintering and shattering, though there was no reaction otherwise. I started to say His Mighty Shield, and Cor came to investigate why I was still on the tree even though the roots were cut. May and Thymelixsen were keeping watch as Cor and Jack cut me out of the vines (Jack from above).

May and Thymelixsen spotted a dolo-like animal standing still nearby in the open, watching. Thymelixsen backed away, but May went closer, trying to talk to it. She sensed a group of them, and tried asking it sto show her where the source of the difference is. It seemed uncomfortable with what the rest of the group was doing, so May asked it to release us and said we'd leave then. She started thinking about finding the source of the sparkling stuff. I took a moment to heal Jack of his hurts except for his injured bone; he didn't want to go back where he was before, saying it was very dangerous, but May was following the dolo, and we were following her, back where Jack had come from.

Cor arrived at a small pond that had pearlescent swirling under dark water. Thymelixsen tested under the water with a stick, hitting something that might have been the size of a box. We debated whether this was the source of all the contamination, or only part of it. Jack said that he'd found a hill with ruins in a deep green forest, but he knew the forest had been there a while.

I tried sensing, and there didn't seem to be a shrine in that direction unless it were long out of power, but I felt some sense of the protection of the Father, which then slid away.

Jack said he saw things below the trees that were like fungi, and when he was between them, he was hit with spiritual magic, thrown in the air, and hurt his arm. He tried resting, but wolf-like things with glowing lights came out and bit him before he got into shadows, they were so quick. And the lights were visible in shadow, too. Once he got into shadow, he climbed a tree, and the wolves left, but then there was a stream of gix, hundreds of them, swarming the tree he was in. He went back into shadow and got away, turning into a bird, though it hurt to fly. (As he was telling us this, I healed his arm.)

Cor was sure it would be good to get this piece out of the pond, even if it's not the main piece. He manoevered it out, and it turned out to be a luminescent tube with a clamp, and designs on one side. It seemed to be armor of some sort, perhaps a wrist guard for something huge. May thought that we could put the energy we'd pulled out of the rampant plants back into the wristlet, and she and Thymelixsen and I did that. It settled back in in a more stable way than it had been in the arrowhead, presumably because this was an object of defense.



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