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I wanted Cor to stay in the blue bands as long as possible, and decided that keeping him from being bored would be the best approach. So we worked on his Kraymerrian reading. Oh, and healed May up from her scanning session.

Jack showed up, feeling much better; he'd gone to his temple and talked with a counselor there. And he was told we shouldn't talk about the bionlear, lest others try to manipulate us to get at the bionlear. And we should just hide when in the non: there's nothing there, it's the end (though it's unclear how localized an end, whether the city, the spiral wood, or the whole plane).

Thymelixsen said that he can now sense approximate levels of rainbow taint (not surprisingly, he and I remain the most tainted). He also had information about translators. Cavenants can be of varying quality, depending on their breeding and their health, with a reasonable quality cavenant being about 200 or 300 gulwarn. Inyus tranlsators are tuned to a particular person, while Ult translators can be passed among people (depending on prices, it sounds like we all think it's a good idea to have individual translators, so perhaps the Inyus ones will be sufficient). He also told us that we should have guides now when out in the city, because the kathel attention on us has waned enough for us to be at risk, and the city is dangerous. He is running a bit low on metal stars, and there aren't any blacksmiths in the city, though there are possibility engineers. He'd much rather find a blacksmith outside the city than rely on possibility-engineered stars.

We were getting ready for bed, and Thymelixsen suggested keeping watch. I thought we were reasonably safe here at the temple, but he and Jack pointed out that if someone switched with another self, it would be good to know. And Jack said that really, that requires two watching, since one of those awake might be the one to change.

In the end, May and Jack stayed up, Cor perhaps also, while Thymelixsen and I slept.



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