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I went to the library to work on stabilization, copying over anything I could find that was of use, and wrote more about last night, still surprised that no one came to get me for scanning.

Once we were back in the room, Thymelixsen asked 1827 to check for any messages from the Edge Hammers, and once he'd left, warned us that the forges are dangerous places, since they forge essence.

Jack said that he'd studied his new blessing, but isn't quite done learning it. Cor had worked more on knowledge navigation. I told Thymelixsen that I'd taken notes on stabilization, so perhaps later he might read that part.

Cor told us that he'd had a vision at the temple. There were fourteen other hims. Some were unlike him, some more like, and he'd talked with each of them all at onces, knowing how they were different. Some were from messed up Krayzens, which might not have been so alluring to return to. One was him all together. There were a lot of hims who had gone odwn the same path. That together him was a hunter, hunting us, the one Jack had seen in his visions of us being hunted down. He works for the Creators, here, not the gods. Cor said he was dressed in brown, with long hair and bone beads in it. As he talked, he got the sense that he might be connected to the Forest Lord, since he spoke of balance. Cor asked about a place of balance in the city, and the other one said that it was the Wheel, a trading place. Cor realized that this was one possibility for him, to become this together-him and hunt in the roots, though he never stays. Cor got the impression that he was eternal, lonely, alone. His vision of collecting May's threads to return to the roots was of a Cor along the path towards this hunter. Though still, he was told that the best way to serve the Creators is to return to the roots, not become the hunter. Cor asked for guidance about the visitors, especially Mur and other May (though he forgot to ask about Yallow, which I'm curious about). The hunter-Cor said that Mur was not entirely self-serving, like others were. There didn't seem to be much about the other May. Hunter-Cor said that one needs to hold one's self together, and keep being an individual, too.

May finished with scanning. She said that this time she'd gone to Bionlear's Skull. She'd hid, and unwrapped the thing she was to give to Gaukelarams, which she didn't do before (which is the first I'm hearing about it, in anycase). She said it was a silvery thing, that might've had liquid inside. She took it to Gaukelarams, and told him she wasn't really there in the roots, and asked what it was. Gaukelarams cast a spell, which went around the room. He took May's hands, and she could feel a presence, sort of like the Mother, and they reached into each other, as if they were the same person, then separate again. He said that some people at home think of the Mother and the Hidden Lord as sisters, working together (which makes sense here, anyway). Gaukelarams hadn't been surprised, since he'd read about people going beyond (or something), and had notes in a book about others coming back (though it sounded like it took a while to find, in the usual way of that tricksy information). He said that the silver thing was part of the weapon in the shrine under the Featureless Plains, which was being made there, but was to be used against the All here. Somehow a person would become imbued with the weapon. He said that May had to prepare the weapon in this place, and reminded her to focus on how she knows who she is.

1827 said that our later message had been received, and the Edge Hammers will be here tomorrow at the beginning of yellow. We didn't need him further, so he left.

We discussed how May remembered both versions of events, and if this changed the roots, or the pancakes in the stack.

There was a knock on the door, and Voom wan ven Vere was there with a few others of the temple, who seemed to be from the scanning room, wearing many tools. We had to use their translators since 1827 had gone. She said that they had made many interesting discoveries based on our scans, and this had helped mapping the roots, for which they were very appreciative. They had gotten close to actualization on some of us, and wanted to get actualization for the whole group. Jack pointed out that we're becoming unstuck. Voom wan ven Vere said that we were doing interesting things, which meant learning more than they'd expected. Jack tried to turn this into higher pay, especially since we're now losing threads more quickly. Voom wan ven Vere said we were valuable because we were from a non root-faring root, and had a variety of forms. Jack confirmed that this information would be used to help the roots, not piracy. Jack offered to be scanned overnight, since we planned to go to the Edge Hammers in the morning, and once we'd left, the temple would be much less interested in our information, the new shiny going away at that point. They said that Jack and Thymelixsen were the most useful to be scanned more, since the rest of us had enough actualization. Thymelixsen said that he was going to talk with himself for a bit first, and would then come back for scanning, since it was so incapacitating (that he didn't want to scan first).

Before they took Jack to be scanned, we tried to give him as many options as possible for staying healthy, including bringing tubers and dried fungus, and reminding him he could have me brought down if he needed more healing.
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