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Once we crossed the Veil, I could feel time happening in a more usual way, which felt good, though interestingly, there seemed to be more noise than usual, with Creators' voices blending, and echoes of similar things said by a variety of them.

As we traveled into the roots, the view out sometimes seemed like we were deep underwater, and other times like it was an early dawn. The name of the space between the roots is vemper, and it's like the goo that came through with us when we first arrived beyond the Veil. In vemper, the rootcraft has its branches extended, and it felt more vibrant, more water-filled and alive. The ship was more at ease here, not unrooted.

As we got closer to the designated area of roots, it looked as if a shadow ere getting larger, though the ship had to move to avoid black things in the vemper. As we got nearer, the ship slowed, and there seemed to be fibrous rope coming off whatever we were approaching. As we got closer, the rope roots looked larger, perhaps four time the ship in diameter. We came to rest on one, and there was a barrier in front. We could feel as the vessel grabbed onto a root.

When we came through, it was first phase, cluster 1, cycle 1, rotation 1319, and we had until first phase, cluster 2, cycle 8, rotation 1319 to train and learn new skills. I also spent time daily praying, happy in the greater sense of connection on this side of the Veil. Of that, it took 12 cycles until the rootcraft narrowed in on a root, and 6 cycles to analyze and latch on to the root. We were told that the group will need to have a timekeeper to keep track of time relative to ship time once we're in the root.
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