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I finally got Jack to rest easily, and the rest of us started talking about the plan. In the end, it sounds like another day and a half at the temple (so leaving here the second blue from now), getting scanned by the Warhammers, then going to the largest Ult group to travel with them.

We asked 1827 to find out about further scanning by the temple, who would be needed again, when Thymelixsen would be scanned, things like. Voomwan venVere came back with 1827. It turns out that it takes time for them to process once they learn from us, especially once actualization has been done. May asked if she was done now, since she'd gotten to actualization, and Voomwan said no, that was just the beginning of the process. Also, there would be another scanning session for two of us today. They use the information for analyzing sections of the roots, mapping that root section, for a while anyway, since they grow and change over time.

Thymelixsen asked about the things he'd sent for sale, and Voomwan said that he would be paid in blue if they sold. He asked whether anyone was available for teaching frame tightening, and she said that he could check on the learning level.

We also confirmed that if we are in the temple, even if not in our room, they can find us when they want us for scanning.

After she left, Thymelixsen went to the learning leve. May wanted to nap, and Jack was out, so I figured it would be ok to leave him, since May was there. So Cor and I went to the library. He wanted to research possibility storms and shelters. I had thought about the things I could learn from the Elixen books there, and realized that since there wasn't likely to be enough time to learn anything completely, it was worth continuing on something I'd already been working towards, veil tuning. I had time to work on this, but Cor was brought back in for more scanning not long after we'd gotten to the library.

I went back to the room once I'd worked enough on veil tuning. When I got there, Thymelixsen and Jack were sleeping, and May was tumbling around. I asked her if she'd have time to work on resisting layered magic with me once she was done.

Cor was brought back to the room with blue bands that had Arcoons on them around his body. He didn't seem able to hear me, and was warm to the touch. It seemed his senses were far gone. 1827 said that Cor would need to stay in the bands until morning. I asked what was wrong, and if there was anything I could do to help. I was told that the bands were there to help reassociate Cor's spiritual and physical presence. He needs rest, to allow the Visic connectivity that was damaged to heal. They will evaluate him tomorrow to see whether he can continue. I was to tend and feed him, but keep the bands on unless absolutely necessary to loosen them. They showed me how to do that, but with another warning not to if possible. Again I asked whether touch would help, or sathurum, but they did not know, reiterating that his Visic connectivity needed to be reestablished.

By this time, Thymelixsen had woken up and was feeling better. I asked hi how his scanning went. He said he'd learned a lot, but they didn't seem happy with him trying to see what was going on, using sense magic. They shocked him with sticks, and stopped the scanning then.

Thymelixsen asked 1827 about buying things in town, whether someone could buy things for him or he would need to go. 1827 asked if he had arranged for someone to do that, and when Thymelixsen said no, said that that would be something to do tomorrow, then.

I told Thymelixsen about how Cor's Visic connection was damaged, to the extent that I understood. He wasn't up for checking that out just yet, and went back to sleep.

May bandaged Cor, then went out exploring.



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