Sep. 28th, 2010

Cor planned to attack the Inyus by surprise, and I figured that the most useful thing I could do would be to cast Touch of Purity released over time on everyone, as soon as the first attack had happened (so that the voice of the Father wouldn't give away the surprise). It didn't work that way: everyone moved a bit to attack, rather than staying close together, so by the time I cast, only Cor and Thymelixsen were close enough. And it didn't go as planned after that, either, since the Inyus had impressive shielding that was pretty much impervious to any attack, apparently. Cor said to retreat, and grabbed Jack, who'd been hit, carrying him as he ran. May went with him, since she was by Jack. I heard something land nearby, and I ran back and then angled over to Cor and May, while Thyemelixsen went in another direction entirely. There was a purple flash not long after, but I could tell nothing more than that.

Once I caught up with the group, I used the rest of Touch of Purity to help Jack, who'd been stunned. I thought about our circumstances. The Inyus don't know us, don't know we've run (and weren't hit, other than Jack), are in equally unfamiliar territory, and don't know our manoeverability. Still, they caught up to us, and they had to have been injected at about the same time/place we were (which is something to think about later, how they followed our ship). In any case, they might not directly chase us, lest we be planning an ambush.

Cor wanted to break our trail, and once Jack recovered, just about when Thymelixsen rejoined us, we went down a gravel stream bed, then into shadow a couple of times. Cor was concerned with further attack, but I was fairly sure that we should just go on to the source of the corruption now, before the Inyus could get there, and be done. The new plan: fly to within a half a mile as a bird, put on whatever blessings and protections we can manage, hopefully bypassing the things that Jack triggered last time by being birds, get to the main place, plant the seeds, and get out.

As we were flying, a couple of us saw three lights come up, go across, then go down again, presumably the Inyus.

We got to the point of May having to recast her blessing on us, and at that point I put His Mighty Shield on us all, and Jack cast Feel of Luck, which was interesting. We flew closer, coming in from the northwest, figuring that was beyond the crash site. There were lots of vines, and the top of the ridge was about 160 feet up. I suggested we bring dirt with us, since there was not telling whether there'd be available dirt at the source. We weren't sure where exactly in the crescent the source was, nor how to find it, because of the vines.

So May spoke in the voice of the Mother to the ravens. One came, and we followed it, near to the place Jack was attacked. It lead us around, and we changed out of bird form. We followed May following the raven. There were more mushrooms than Jack saw before, so we followed closely, and could feel the mushrooms shivering there, but we weren't attacked.

Inside, there were many birds, and hunting cats and dogs. We went in, and it was a winding path with many animals along the way, ones that caused some kind of flare when they walked. There were 12 switchbacks, then we reached a high arching chamber filled with ravens and the stench of animals. The ground was covered in roots. Everything was laced with blessing. May asked about bringing the armor back, and the raven thrashed, looking ill, but Thymelixsen said it was powering up. While it changed, Thymelixsen sensed magic, and said that the densest magic was about 20 or 30 feet ahead of us, not in this room at all.

May investigated the wall and found a door, but no way to open it. I tried, but could do nothing.

There was a silvery metallic radiance to the bird, the feathers turning silvery, and Thymrlixsen said that it was now able to talk. It said that we had been welcomed so far, and asked why we had come. We talked about bringing its armor back, but that wasn't enough reason to let us in farther, nor were other attempts discussing bringing it back to where it came from successful until Cor said that we brought a gift of growth, and we all brought our powers of empathy and persuasion to bear, saying that this would bring it back to being in its proper place of defense, not defending a world that shouldn't even know of things outside itself. In the end, it was enough, and the door opened. There was a huge figure inside, ten times the height of a man, with knotty wood growing in place of lost crystal parts. We gave it the armor piece we'd managed to bring, then planted the seeds. Vines grew incredibly quickly, wrapping all of us up, and I blacked out.



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